The idea of ClikkiClikki was born in 2015 and it took us 5 years to realize it. 5 years of hypothesis, studies, comparison, meeting with the leading experts in the sector. We left nothing to chance, we listened to the opinion of notaries, builders, accountants and anyone who could help us find the perfect formula to offer you a challenge, competition or the greatest chance of your life.

When we thought of a low purchase price, we really lowered it: hammer price -90% of the market price. We could have created a traditional auction platform, work that we have been doing for over 10 years with great success, but our goal was and is to revolutionize the auction system and with ClikkiClikki we have succeeded. From today you can win the house of your dreams with a few thousand euros. Impossible?

To the word impossible we can only answer by quoting Henry Ford: "those who give up are more numerous than those who fail".

In truth, our team is made up of simple, young, visionary people united by strong tenacity. Each of us believed in the idea and thanks to everyone's effort today ClikkiClikki is a clear, reliable reality that allows you to obtain great economic benefits for those who want to buy a property.

Our Mission is contained in our pay-off: Click Trust.

Years of experience in Real Estate, and in particular in the world of auctions, have taught us that buying a house today is not easy and most people always have many fears and feel victims of a system that does not give the right guarantees. This is why we have made our two values that have become indispensable today: reliability and transparency. Registering with ClikkiClikki means participating in the auction of new goods and being provided with all the technical and legal documents that can guarantee the purchase; all the properties offered can be visited and touched by hand before registering for the auction. Whoever wins the auction will be contacted by the trusted Notary with whom the deed of sale will be stipulated.

You just have to trust us and remember that once we reach the maximum number of subscribers you will not be able to do it anymore. There will be few seats available for each auction.


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